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The APNN is a multidisciplinary association of experts in alternative medicine recognized by the majority of insurance companies.

The global and holistic conception of the human being in his physical, emotional, energy and spiritual realities is the key element that united each one of our members.

The existence of a professional health experts practicing is a tangible reality, and an indisputable fact.

The APNN has the mandate of:
- Gathering their therapists, to inform them and support them in their work;
- Promoting and getting the population to appreciate more those approaches;
- Easing the access of development of a new form of aid to better serve the clientele’s needs.

When you become an APNN member, each member is given a way of expression and recognition.

To submit your candidature, you only have to fill out and send by mail the registration form located in the annex of this document; and attached copies of your diplomas, certifications, and pertinent report cards as well as the amount of the contribution specified on the form (the amount will not be cashed if your request is refused).  Your request will be processed one week after receiving it. 

As soon as you are approved, we will register you in the Alliance file and we will send you the code of Ethics, the membership certificate, your permit number, insurance claim forms, the APNN original logos of various sizes as well as the necessary information concerning: the insurances omissions and errors, “MAL PRACTICE” and also the access, if you want, to health insurance for self-employed.

to be a member


Federation of Professional  Naturopaths accredited (N.Ac)

To be a member of this federation here are the criteria

- A member in good standing of a recognised association.
- Hold a diploma in naturopathy.
- Have 3500 academic hours.
- Continuing education (20 hours).
- Required examination for registration.

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To register, you need to download the following PDF, complete the fields en send id by mail to this adress: APNN
 235-A,  Saint-Pierre street, Saint-Constant  (Québec)  J5A 2A4

Don’t forget to join photocopies of your diploma as well as a cheque payable to the APNN.